A brief reputation for the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass

A brief reputation for the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass

This is certainly a quick history with this bass that is famous we can not explain every modification and modification which was designed to it on the several years it’s been in manufacturing. Neither is it feasible to go over all the many individuals and businesses that have added to its passage through history.

The bass had been created by Walter HГ¶fner in 1955 and first proven to people during the Frankfurt Musikmesse when you look at the springtime of 1956. It would appear that Walter’s intention would be to create a bass electric guitar that might be attractive to players regarding the bass that is uprightdouble bass) who no further wished to carry such a huge hefty tool around to try out in beat and jazz teams. He additionally designed the bass so your construction technique will be familiar towards the employees at HГ¶fner who had previously been making violins for years. Therefore we got a bass who has the design and form maybe not unlike a traditional instrument that is stringed built in quite similar means, hollow bodied, arched topped and a collection in throat. Walter utilized elements from the HГ¶fner guitar that is electric and adpated these when it comes to bass, therefore it got the familiar ebony connection, the cable tailpiece, the oval control interface, the black club pickups. He’d utilized many of these on his Club guitars the before year.

The model Violin Bass in 1955. It varies somewhat from manufacturing models since it features a scrachplate that is black control interface therefore the logo in the human anatomy is in the top bass bout, perhaps perhaps perhaps not beneath the tailpiece. The headstock form additionally is apparently somewhat dissimilar to the production design that is final.

The Violin Bass gets its debut that is public at Musikmesse in 1956. It really is in the end of this front side row by having a HГ¶fner 126 (Club) electric guitar to its right. During the table is Wanda HГ¶fner (Walter HГ¶fner’s spouse) with, presumably, a person.

Today we do not determine if anybody paid any awareness of the brand new small bass. Possibly they did as an electric powered bass electric guitar had been, in 1956, a serious thing that is new!

From the birth in 1956 the 500/1 Violin Bass has withstood changes that are many. These have actually virtually all concerned equipment modifications, the body staying practically exactly the same, although the throat has became slimmer. The next is a short summary of this modifications made.

1956The batch that is first of had the pickups “wide spaced”, this is certainly one because of the neck and another by the connection.

1957Either in belated 1956 or early 1957 the connection pickup had been relocated up to the throat. We do not understand why it was done, presumably to enhance the tone.

1959The oval control interface modifications towards the rectangular kind. This modification ended up being made on all Höfner guitars and basses from 1958 onwards.

1960The “black club” pickups change to “Toaster” kinds. Truss rods now utilized in the throat.

1961The “Toaster” pickup is changed because of the “Cavern” kind pickup. The control board makes use of cream pearloid together with pickguard modifications from tortoiseshell to cream pearloid. Laminate tops as opposed to solid tops begin to be used.This could be the famous “Cavern” bass – Paul McCartneys hГ¶fner that is first 1961.

1962The “Cavern” pickup modifications towards the “Diamond Logo” kind. The pickup that is treble down beside the bridge. The headstock logo design modifications and today uses the HГ¶fner script logo design as a decal

1963The “Diamond Logo” pickups are changed by the “Staple” kind. Two piece necks begin to be utilized, however on all basses. Solitary tuners begin to relace the type that is 2-on-a-strip McCartney got their 2nd bass in 1963. He nevertheless uses it at evey concert.

1964The throat gets binding that is white. The decal logo design is changed with a 3D white and plastic logo that is gold

1965-66The control interface gets larger. The pickup mounts modification to a sort making height modification easier but what this means is the most truly effective has become routed to accomodate the pickups. a smaller tailpiece happens to be utilized, this being typical to your Club bass additionally.

1967-72The pickups switch to the “Blade” kind. New enclosed kind tuners are utilized. By 1968 the raised logo design shall alter returning to a decal in gold. Steel tuner buttons are getting to be used.

1970s midThe switches in the control interface modification to thinner type that is black. The höfner is had by some basses logo design regarding the pickguard. Mind logo design modifications to script decal that is silver.

1970s lateKnobs on control board modification to type that is black. Höfner logo design stamped from the pickups vanishes.

1980s”Blade” pickups changed to your 1965/66 kind on some basses. Control interface continues to be the same.(The electric guitar into the image is lacking its pickguard.)

1990″Blade” pickups once more utilized. Pickguard is screwed to human anatomy top in place of making use of repairing mails.Pearloid is provided from Japan as German supply isn’t any longer available.

Through the belated 1980s and early 1990s pressure ended up being placed on HГ¶fner, from Japan therefore the United States Of America, to create a “content” of this 1963 bass as employed by Paul McCartney. It was not, nonetheless, this kind of task that is simple. All of the initial manufacturers of components within the very early 1960s had disappeared so lots of elements had been unavailable. Perhaps the pearloid useful for the control panel and pickguard could never be obtained. HГ¶fner did their finest to fulfill these demand and a quantity of variations had been produced for the Japanese market. None nevertheless, had been just like a 1963 bass.

Around 1990 a uk guitar dealer became included while they desired to create a reproduction associated with the 1961 “Cavern” bass. They worked along with HГ¶fner and in 1992 the re-issue that is first had been launched. It was the model that is h500/1-61 also referred to as the V61 Cavern Bass.

So started the re-issues. Whilst the V61 “Cavern” had been developed with Music Ground HГ¶fner had been taking care of creating a bass that could be comparable to Paul McCartney’s bass. The results ended up being the re-issue that is v63 launched during the early 1990s. This is a exemplary bass, nevertheless the specification had not been exactly like McCartneys. Further work could be needed before it was accomplished, with all the V62 ultimately launching.