The summer house: Hubert and Ilona throw hi

The summer house: Hubert and Ilona throw hi

If not, conflicts are bound to happen. Because the legacies at home are tidy and clean, as both assure you. “Everyone who comes to visit us at home always says how tidy everything is,” said the 49-year-old. And her husband adds: “I can’t look over dirt. You can eat off the floor with me.” However, if there is any disorder, it could even get out of hand.

These celebrities join in

In addition to the legacies, the following couples take part in the “Sommerhaus”: Rocco Stark (30) and Angelina Heger (24), Hubert Kah (55) and Ilona Magyar (52), René (62) and Rosemarie Weller (63), Alexander (38) ) and Angelina (29) Posth, Xenia Princess of Saxony (29) and Rajab Hassan (26) as well as Christian Töpperwien (42) and Magdalena Kalley (28).

New RTL show: ” Sommerhaus der Stars ” lets celebrity couples loose on each other Rocco Stark and Angelina Heger: soon to be seen as a couple on TV despite separation

The winning couple can win 100,000 euros in the end.

In the trial of the violent death of six-year-old Leonie, the accused stepfather testified for the first time and rejected the allegations. Leonie fell down the stairs in the hallway with a doll’s carriage on January 12th, said the 28-year-old in a written statement that his lawyers presented to the Neubrandenburg district court on Monday. Otherwise he has no explanations for injuries to the girl and her brother. The stepfather did not allow questions from the court or other parties involved in the process. “Since the mother makes use of her right to refuse to provide information, he doesn’t want to answer any questions,” said defense attorney Bernd Raitor.

The defendant said, however, that he had seen Leonie’s mother kick the girl after Christmas 2018 so that her head hit a wall. That is what the statement said. The reason was that the mother “wanted with all her might” to prevent Leonie from getting in touch with her birth father from Wolgast, he suspected. He kept that from the police so as not to “burden his partner.” Leonie was found dead on January 12th in the apartment of her mother and her partner in Torgelow (Vorpommern-Greifswald). The stepfather is accused of murder through neglect and abuse of wards in seven cases. He is said to have mistreated the girl so many times that she died of the consequences. He is also accused of mistreating Leonie’s two-year-old brother from November 2018 to January 2019.

January 12th was a normal day before the stairs fell, the statement said. They wanted to go shopping for the weekend. “We wanted to spend 30 to 40 euros.” He smoked in the kitchen and then “heard a strange noise.” Then Leonie lay with her head on the marble slab on the first landing. “She was bleeding from her nose and maybe her mouth too.” He carried her up to the bed, and the head was cooled with a cold pack.

The family was then no longer shopping. The stepfather contradicted the mother’s statements. This is said to have been shopping at the time of the fall of the stairs. Leonie refused medical help.

The defendant also spoke on January 8th, the day there was an argument between the adult. Yes, there was an argument, but without the children. Then he drove to Anklam and brought no narcotics from there, but piercing jewelry as a reconciliation gift.

But he had “not beaten Leonie either before or after.” He dialed several 110 emergency calls from his mother’s cell phone, which were quickly canceled. It was about a threat from the children’s biological father. The defendant and Leonie’s biological father, who appears as a co-plaintiff in court, were once work colleagues and friends. During the time in Wolgast, the 25-year-old mother later turned to the current defendant. She moved with him from Wolgast to Torgelow in mid-2018 and had a baby from him.example of argumentative essay topics

Judge Jochen Unterlöhner said the trial is to continue on January 3rd with the reports of a coroner and a psychiatrist. A judgment is expected for January 9th according to the current planning.


An alcoholic ride hit the headlines earlier this year. She had to surrender her driver’s license – Muriel Baumeister has been abstinent ever since.

Muriel Baumeister was stopped by the police in her car, she had caused property damage and had to answer in court. The result: a fine of 1,600 euros and a time without a license. Something like that shouldn’t happen to her again, as the actress is now making clear.

“It’s really good for me”

“The subject is over for me, I don’t drink a drop of alcohol anymore and have my driver’s license back,” Muriel said in an interview with the “Gala”. It is not difficult for her: “I have made a decision and it is really good for me.”

Muriel Baumeister on family: ” I call it ‘patchworm’ instead of patchwork ” Depression, alcohol, career low: Muriel Baumeister: ” I really messed up! ” With 1.4 per thousand at the wheel: TV star Muriel Baumeister because of Condemned alcohol ride

But the whole thing has one disadvantage – at celebrations, the fun for the native Austrian falls by the wayside. So she’ll be spending New Year’s Eve at home this year. “If you go to parties but don’t drink anything, it can be pretty exhausting. I’ve had enough parties. This year I’m going to bed early.”

Last week everyone was talking about Muriel Baumeister. The actress had to answer in court: half a year ago she was caught at the wheel with 1.45 per mille – with her eleven-year-old daughter Frieda in the car. Now she is talking for the first time about the crisis she has been in for several years.

She describes driving under the influence of alcohol as a “huge mistake” in an interview with “Bunte” and clarifies: “I really screwed up! I can’t say it any other way. Especially to my daughter. My behavior was completely irresponsible.” She explains quite openly why she is making a name for herself with negative headlines.

Postnatal depression and no jobs

Immediately after the baby Ava was born two years ago, Muriel wanted to go back in front of the camera and therefore put herself under great pressure. She suffered from postnatal depression: “I just didn’t want to accept the situation.”

Muriel Baumeister has three children. The youngest was born in December 2014. (Source: Future Image / imago images)

In 2016, the 45-year-old saw a steep decline: There were no job offers. “Last year I only had 20 days of shooting,” she reveals. She went into debt, but was too proud to apply to the Hartz IV office. The result: daily alcohol consumption. In doing so, she wanted to “forget the worries and fears.”

“I drank too much”

But she makes it clear in the open interview: “Everyone has a glass of wine in the evening and I had a time when I drank too much. But by God it is not the case that I have ever been lying around on the floor at home drunk . “

In 1994 Muriel Baumeister received a Golden Camera for best young actress. (Source: APress / imago images)

Nevertheless, because of her drinking behavior, she built the car accident in which her daughter was on board: “I was eating at a friend’s house and we talked and talked – and I drank too much.” Then she backed up against the guardrail, demolishing a bicycle. 

The accident was a bang

Today she says about the situation: “My luck was – I really have to say – that at that very moment the police came around the corner. That was the bang that I obviously needed to wake up. It couldn’t be worse . ” However, she is terribly embarrassed, especially in front of her daughter Frieda.

Muriel is doing everything possible to get her life back under control. (Source: WENN)

With 1.4 per mille at the wheel: TV star Muriel Baumeister condemns Muriel Baumeister for driving alcohol: ” We actors have to apply for Hartz IV ”

Since that evening, the mother of three has stayed away from alcohol and has treated a behavioral therapist: “And then I do individual therapy with a psychologist and visit a self-help group every week.” The Golden Camera award winner is working hard on herself, but she seems to be doing better in her private life. Hopefully business will soon be as good as it was in the old days.

It got loud, it got hysterical and in the end a celebrity couple voluntarily left the RTL summer house. And all because of the lack of cigarettes. 

The summer house – The summer house: Drama about Renes stinky jacket

The summer house

The summer house: Drama about Renes stinky jacket

Bad air among the celebrities, Maria bursts her collar. Video

Hubert Kah’s partner Ilona Magyar had already got up on the wrong foot. When she still lacked the obligatory morning dump, the redheads’ mood was over. Sullen and in a bad mood, she strolled through the house and garden, whistling two pints of champagne out of sheer nicotine frustration. 

“You can all lick my ass”

It didn’t miss its effect and so Ilona mutated from zero to one hundred into a psychotist. “Shit, you can all lick my ass,” she yelled over and over, pointing fingers at the cameras.

The summer house – The summer house: dispute at the pool escalates

The summer house

The summer house: dispute at the pool escalates

Celebrities are annoyed by Rocco and Angelina and choose the young couple out. Video

The mixture of nicotine withdrawal and champagne drunkenness made the 52-year-old downright aggressive. Smoking hand-rolled ones – there is tobacco and paper in the house – is out of the question. It has to be filter cigarettes.

Hubert: “I’m not dependent on a fee”

“They can all think that I’m anti-social. I don’t care,” she moaned and threatened to leave. Hubert’s attempts to calm down all failed. And at some point the singer got into his girlfriend’s hysteria. She then began to pack her suitcase and put it in front of the door.

Hubert (55), who had already announced that he was not dependent on the fee, sang a few lines of his greatest hits to the roommates before he packed his stuff and left the house.

He really wants to “dock”: No sex for Hubert Kah on RTL – ” Sommerhaus’ ‘”Silly” and “irrelevant”:’ ‘Sommerhaus” – residents gossip about ” Roccolina ” New RTL show: ‘ ‘Sommerhaus der Stars’ lets celebrity couples loose on each other

You were the first to fly out of the RTL “summer house”. Quite rightly, thought the inclined TV viewer. Because Rocco Stark and Angelina Heger apparently had nothing else to do than to display their infatuation and their arguments in a nerve-racking way. But according to Stark, the reality was very different.

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Celebrities annoyed by Rocco and Angelina

In the RTL compilation of the events, it actually looked as if the couple – meanwhile separated – did not participate in community life and housework, but rather turtled around in bed or bitched.

That’s not true, said the 30-year-old. “You didn’t see that we asked every day whether we could help,” said Stark to “Promiflash”. “You didn’t see that we washed up every day from morning to evening.”

Stinker dispute in the summer house: ” René has a really great smell of its own ” Totally crazy: Hubert and Ilona voluntarily leave the summer house “Silly” and “irrelevant”: ” Summer house ” – residents gossip about ” Roccolina ”

“Everyone was nice to us in front of the camera”

It also appeared on the TV show as if Rocco and Angelina were constantly infected by their roommates in the house, so it was only logical that everyone turned against them. That was also not the case, according to Stark. “You couldn’t see that everyone was nice to us in front of the camera and only blasphemed in the interviews,” he said.

The Jaggers are a big family, nothing can be kept secret. Now the model Elizabeth Jagger has revealed the name of Mick Jagger’s youngest child. And she shows a first photo of her little brother.

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Ten days after his birth, the public learns the name of the eighth offspring of Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger: Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. His sister Elizabeth Jagger posted this message on Instagram with a photo of the little brother. “I’m so proud of my beautiful baby brother” she writes under her Instagram name lizzyjagger.

Elizabeth Jagger, 32, is the daughter of Jerry Hall – also a model. Her mother has four children with Mick Jagger. She has been married to US media entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch since March 2016.

A name that speaks

Octavian is called the eighth – and that applies to little Deveraux in two senses, he was born on the eighth of December and he is his father’s eighth child.